Our Team Members

Jennifer Irons, MSL

Chief of Staff

Jen earned her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, along with her PMC in Business Technology. A Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Associates in Medical Assisting. She also holds a certification in NeuroLinguistics.

Jen served in the United States Army as a Corrections Officer.

Her knowledge and life experience along with her enthusiasm, dedication, loyalty, and willingness to go the extra mile help drive the growth in assisting the Institute in succeeding.

Zachary Bartholomew

Fitness Trainer

Zach earned his personal training certificate from the American Academy of Personal Training. His loyal clientele, includes marathon runners, fitness models, powerlifters, and individuals who were recovering from injuries or simply wanted to increase their knowledge and strength.

Zach also attended Northeastern University graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Business Management.

Zach has taken a broad range of classes, from kinesiology, nutrition to rehab and corrective movement.

Zach’s enthusiasm for his chosen profession translates into a dedication of spirit, reliability of output, and a motivator for his clients to succeed at reaching their goals.

Mark Aylward

Director of Sales & Marketing

Mark has 30 years of experience helping people find more meaningful work as a career counselor and recruiter.  He has significant practical expertise in helping people become more focused and productive in their professional lives.  He is a marketing and sales expert with deep knowledge and skill in negotiation, relationship building, mentoring and professional development.

Mark is primarily responsible for generating new client relationships and community building efforts on behalf of the institute to ensure that we serve as many people as possible in the pursuit of higher performance across all relevant markets globally.

Mark received his BBA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and has a Certificate of Excellence in Entrepreneurship from the University of Central Florida – College of Business Administration.

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