The Inspired Performance Program (TIPP Kids)

While we would do anything to keep our children safe, the truth is that we cannot protect them from everything. Disturbing events and experiences affect us all and can be extra challenging for children to navigate. With less life experience and a developing brain, it can be difficult for them to understand when bad things happen. These traumas, big or small, can impact their emotions, behaviors, school performance, relationships, and even health! TIPP KIDS is designed to help children reboot and refresh their minds, so they can get back to living life the way kids are supposed to…With energy, playfulness, determination, and joy!

Watch Noah transform from tears to laughter right before your eyes

Helping Kids Heal

Education on how the mind works and the importance of clearing the error messages to reach peak performance.Demonstration of how the Alpha brainwave state allows the mind to clear and update the error messages.Demonstration of how the Alpha brainwave state allows the mind to clear and update the error messages.Banking of personal highlights and successes experienced throughout your life as a resource for staying present, clear and focused.Completion of the mind’s updating process using a relaxing and peaceful meditation-like exercise, lasting about 15 minutes. Daily listening of audios and completion of journal prompts targeted at walking out old behaviors and replacing them with beneficial, appealing and possible behaviors.

Reset Your Mind

  • Reduce Anxiety/Anger
  • Smile More
  • Feel More Relaxed and Peaceful
  • Eliminate Addictions
  • No Need to “Talk” About It
  • Eliminate Panic Attacks/PTSD
  • Develop Healthier Habits
  • Improve Business Performance
  • Quick, Gentle and Effective
  • Live Options Available
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Health Outcomes
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Is Done Online at Home
  • Available for Adults and Children

Program Focus

The Inspired Performance Institute is focused on resetting your mind and clearing the way to greater calm, focus and optimal performance.





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