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Lacey took it upon herself to shoot a before and after video to share the impact the online TIPP (Neuro XP) program has had on her life. The results speak for themselves

Brook dramatically improved her performance as a track athlete and talks about how the NEURO XP program improved her focus and confidence.

Mario rebounded from amputation and overcame drug addiction as he talks about how Dr. Don Wood and the NEURO XP program saved his life

Tim Burke dramatically improved his athletic performance as a Two Time Long Drive World Champion after going through the NEURO XP program

Hear Boston Marathon Bombing survivor, Rebekah talk about how our NEURO XP program changed her life

Watch Marko, a double amputee, talk about breaking marathon records after completing the NEURO XP program

Michelle talks about beating drug addiction after 17 years and how the NEURO XP program changed her life

Sunny went through the program after being wrongfully convicted of murder and released after 17 years of incarceration!

Watch Kirk tell his story about anxiety and panic attacks going away as a result of going through the program

Listen to Carmelo talk about how the program allowed him to clear himself of doubts and regain his confidence and improve his performance

Romalin speaks about her journey to overcome anxiety and how the program changed her life by helping her leave the past behind

Joel speaks about how the program helped him clear aways self-doubt and replace it with self-love

Diana talks about regaining her self-confidence, reframing childhood trauma and replacing traditional therapy with our program

Watch Andrina talk about how the program quickly and gently helped her overcome anxiety and panic attacks and improve her life

Ashley discusses her renewed faith and the world of personal and professional opportunities she now has after going through the program

Diogo discusses his experience right after his first session with Dr. Wood and how he sees the future with a renewed sense of hope and optimism

Tom talks about both sports and business performance as well as the improvement of his entire family's relationship due to the program

Rena discusses post-traumatic stress and how the program gave her her life back. "everything was brighter"...

The power of the TIPP program for kids. Noah transforms from tears to laughter right before your eyes in a matter of hours

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